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The whole WWW is now just a single surfer. A lone surfer roaming the net, searching each page for some elusive quality.

The Web page of the Divine Mysteries is based on the closing of the sense doors and the opening of a New Alignment. This process of ascetic denial and holy living is through personal effort. From surf to serf.
Opening each Inner Web Page, glimpsing the New Knowledge. Developing the qualities needed for each new link. Some say the connection is always on-line; enter then the Inner Net . . .
First is the Web Page of Truth.
Truth only responds to truth. None can enter the Forum of Truth unless they are honest beyond the superficial. One can not be partially honest.

One can not be honest sometimes, or when it suits but at all times, in all things. This first Web Page the lone surfer can not enter, for to know The Truth one must admit the lie. In silence, never speaking, the lone surfer lurks contemplating the holy and unholy flames . . .
Truth leads to the Web Page of the Pure.
None may enter who have not purged the world from their being. Who then can enter here? The surfer can not enter, being aware of the contamination of too many false ideas.

For all our efforts the world comes to serve and tempt with renewed vigour. How can straw enter the temple?
Next is the Web Page of Patience.
No one may enter here who has not awaited the Last Page to download. At this Link the surfer awaits confirmation but the download does not come. At night and at day awaiting the final address.
This leads to the Web Page of Humility.
Who would dare in humility to enter here? For entering is an admittance of attainment. Who can attain to less? Never will the lone surfer enter.
Love is not the Last Web Page nor is it the first.
The surfer searches the Inner Net and knows each Page is first and equal and each is the Web Page of Love. In the presence of such Sanctity no one may enter through choice.
Knowledge does not have a Link.
Nor does it have a Web Page but it is Knowledge which created the WWW, surfer and Link. Some log off as they have logged in. Therefore was it knowledge that brought them connection? Was it Knowledge that entered? Knowledge that left? The lone surfer can not say and can not connect.
In the next Web Page all sense makes no sense.
God has released Iblis and Jinn. For the spirits that walk the night can not enter this Web Page but must wander with the lone surfer. For the companions of the surfer are only demons; the Angels are with the Holy.
Next is the Web Page of Bestowal.
No longer recipients of the Graces of God but bestowers of what has been given. The surfer will not email with attachment.

Poised before the Links of each Web Page, the lone surfer surfs; knowing self is unworthy to download. One after another Saint and Mystic enter, yet the lone surfer can not.
And then the Last Link appears.
All who entered the other Links know not of the Final Link for no one may enter here. From here the Divine Mystery connects to what once was the lone surfer . . .

In each Web Page of the Inner Net, from beginning to end there are none who may enter, yet do. No one who can say, "I have seen". For what they knew and remembered was not seen by them but by that which they are not yet.
The contemptible contemplative offers another wearisome email to their favourite Web Keeper. The surfer adds nothing and the contemplative is allowed entry to the Web Page of their Longing.
For in poverty we come onto this earth and not even with our body, we leave it. We are the lone surfer but our poverty is great for we have not even guessed at its extent. The WWW is the world and the names of the Inner Web Pages are:
and Union.
Let the Adepts and Saints, the Holy and the Sincere pray their way into Heaven. Heaven is not for those who endure. They do not want any of these petty indulgences.

In the search for Truth even the company of God is not enough. For the lone surfer has seen beyond the Ultimate and existence itself has become Divinity. Deny and veil ever more, at Death our Love shall endure.
How are we to bear the separation? Have you shared the Mystery that moved us so far away but journeyed in and with us? Then do we understand the Mystery of Separation and long for greater distancing.

Deny us Your Face, veil Your Splendour, what would we do at Your Revelation but disappear back to the dust beneath Your Feet . . .
I saw God in the morning
mourning for the evening
An evening that was even
Will I make the evening? asked I
'Morn', said he
All my life I longed for Death
and when Dead, life
longed for my return
For there is no second coming
for those who never left

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