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Aum          Chanting

Spacer Chanting, or Mantra Yoga, is more than just
Spacer the Spiritual act of singing or praying.
Spacer It is also mental and physical discipline.

Spacer Besides being devotional,
Spacer chanting exercises both the
Spacer Nervous System and the Body.

Spacer Articulation of the words,
Spacer Control of the breath,
Spacer and perfection of the posture,
Spacer are all essential parts of the practice.

Spacer The beneficial effects of various specific kinds
Spacer of self-vibration, cannot be underestimated.

Spacer Nor can the oxygenation that occurs,
Spacer be overlooked or under-valued.

Spacer Chant with your heart open, and mind alert!
Spacer Chant with gleeful Spirit.
Spacer Feel the vibration throughout your body.
Spacer Notice how it transforms your state of being.

Om Asato Ma Sad Gamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Mritior M'amritam

Spacer From ignorance, to Reality, lead me
Spacer From dullness, to Illumination, lead me
Spacer From being mortal, to Immortality

Aum Vibration is a characteristic of all creation. And all creatures have song. Therapeutic value of chanting comes from the vibration resonating through your body, especially the nervous system. Also significant is that chanting is a special form of controlled breathing. Air pressure created to vibrate the vocal cords, increases in the lungs pushing added oxygen into the bloodstream.
Chanting soothes so powerfully that it induces deep relaxation. Sanskrit mantras are designed primarily for their various vibrational effects. The devotional meanings are intended to induce a sense of safety and belonging which also help trigger the "Relaxation Response." Don't let yourself be stifled by worrying which is the right mantra or if you pronounce it correctly. -Or even if the words aren't Sanskrit, or even words.

Your body is your guru. Sing or chant in whatever manner feels best. Experiment. Have fun with it. If you take it too seriously it will hinder the benefit. The greatest mantra Om represents the primary fundamental from which all creation springs in philharmonic splendor. Tune in to THAT, and tap the source of all healing.

Om (or aum) begins in the belly as the lowest note you can make. Ahhh... Then the sound rises to your throat as the pitch rises changing to ooooh... Then it moves up into the head as a hummm. Mmmmmmm... Aaaaoooooommmmmmm!

As any singer will tell you, exercising the voice is essential for maintaining optimal performance. So if yoga exercises ALL the muscles in the body, and you want to be a yogi, then don't be shy, sing your song out loud!

Dr. Kevin McGann
Posted with permission: Yoga Central

Spacer Aum Graphics -Provided by: Hinduism Today

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