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The Contemplative Prayer

Let us not isolate ourselves from this world. Let us not create an us and them mentality in our religious practices. Let us not create our own little sect of those who "truly know." Let us not pass the sins of our fathers and ourselves to our children by teaching prejudice and hatred. Do live in the world and by your presence make the world a better one than before, Quietly plant seeds of truth and watch, not force them to grow. Let us learn to live by the grace of God and not from ego sense.

True happiness is to live by the all inclusive grace of God: To follow the natural laws of the Spirit, to move with the Spirits flow, the natural flow of life. To fight God's natural laws brings disharmony into our lives. This is all that sin really is; fighting against the natural laws of living. It brings unhappiness and ill health to us and the world around us. We punish ourselves and this earth when fighting the natural flow of life and Spirit. We have and will reap what we and our forefathers have sowed.

I do not believe in beliefs: Only in the direct experience of God. All souls are innately the same in Him. All that is known by anyone can be known by everyone. All that is knowable can be learned by your own personal experience. No one else's experience should be taken as the absolute truth. There is only one absolute truth, the Father and he must be experienced not told.

Although the truth is only found within ones' Self, so often, someone will glimpse a small aspect of God within themselves and mistake this small portion as the whole. Thinking themselves specially ordained, they then go out and form a new sect. They conclude that they have the ultimate truth and all other views of the same truth are wrong. It is not that people always try to deceive concerning their inner vision but that most do not have the spiritual experience to understand that each person has their own unique way of viewing the same truth and that only at the very end are subconscious influences overcome.

I only expect you to believe one point in these lessons. It is that the Spirit is real and not some abstract concept that only saints can experience and that in the form of the Holy Spirit, God's hand is forever extended to you and me and everyone else; to the exclusion of no one.

Look within and determine for yourself your own personal truth. My observations of the Spirit may be totally different than yours and this is fine. God does not look at the contents of our beliefs but at the openness of our hearts. Eventually we will all find the one truth in God within ourselves, no matter what we believe along the way.

Let us not be too discouraged by our own sins. As long as we live in a physical body, we will be influenced to a greater or lesser degree by it's needs and drives. As long as we use our minds we are bound to be influenced by it's emotions and misemotions. Try to realize that all it's ramblings are not the real you: Just something the real you uses and does not have complete control of quite yet. Do not expect perfection from those on the path. Sometimes the Spirit expands our shortcomings so that we must work through them. Those open to the Spirit are not immune from living.

Lawrence Richardson.

Posted with permission
Christian Mysticism

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