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Heart Rhythm Practice

The Width of the Heart

If there is anyone with whom you would not like to be alone in an elevator, that is your signal that a reconciliation with that person is needed, for the health of your own heart. "Look for the right in the wrong and the wrong in the right, the good in the bad and the bad in the good." These opposites exist only in the mind. By finding one in the other you come to the heart of the matter.

Mean what you say and say what you mean. Don't be vague, sarcastic or cute in your expression; speak clearly and simply. When you give your word to someone, consider that you are bound to that person until they agree to release you from your commitment. This will make you dependable.

Make your environment beautiful and harmonious. You have to live in it, and it both expresses and affects your heart.

Fulfill your obligations. "Think what is expected of you by all those with whom you come in contact and try to answer their demands to the best of your ability, willingly, and patiently."

Identify yourself with someone else, to remove the impressions of your false identity. A teacher, an animal, a leader, a man, a woman, a saint, etc. By exercising your ability to consciously identify with whatever you wish you will purify yourself of the unconscious identity you have assumed, that which is circumstantial, not essential.

The Depth of the Heart

Forget the errors of others. Your reproach may make them firm in their faults. Do not dwell on your own errors either. People are seldom improved by guilt. Blame no one for anything. Rather, try to understand their reason. See yourself reflected in another. See how that person is similar to you. See how they become more similar as you feel more accomodation, respect, admiration and love for them.

"Look at things from another person's point-of-view." Try to think as they think. Your own point-of-view will not be lost, but your view of reality will be enhanced.

"Feel another person. People are very different than they appear and even different than they think." Your feeling of another tells you more than their words and actions can.

Identify what it is in yourself that is irritating to you when you see it reflected in another.

"Practice forgiveness, thereby showing the action of the Universal Heart reflected in your heart. Forgiveness can be practiced in different ways such as tolerance, forgetting, and overlooking."

Teach how the heart operates by being self-revealing, with dignity.

Let your heart be moved by the beauty and tragedy all around us. Raise the pain in your heart in your awareness until it becomes a physical sensation. "Pain, my life-long comrade, if all went and left me, you would still be there. The pain of life is the price paid for the quickening of the heart."

The Height of the Heart

Recognize that it is your own emerging quality you see in the one you admire. Look for the best in people and they will come up to your estimation of them.

Regret is a waste of energy. The past has given you the present that will be opened in the future.

"Do nothing which will make your conscience feel guilty. A clear conscience gives the strength of a lion, but the guilty conscience might turn a lion into a rabbit."

Take the worst part of something and transform it so it becomes the best part, whether you are renovating your home or your personality.

"Uphold your honor at any cost. Hold your ideal high in all circumstances." You may fail to live up to your ideal, but do not lower your ideal to the height of your ability. The ideal is intended to be high, like a beacon the ship sees in the night, preventing it from hitting the rocks.

"An optimist takes the chance of losing; a pessimist loses the chance of winning."

"Do not take advantage of a person's ignorance. Seek not pleasure through the pain of another, life through the death of another, gain through the loss of another, nor honor through the humiliation of another. Influence no one to do wrong."

The Forward Direction of the Heart

Become passive with respect to the power of the heart within you. Do something every day toward the accomplishment of your heart's wish.
Once you have allowed a wish into your heart, you must accomplish it. The only exception is when you grow beyond it, like a child outgrowing his toys. Giving up your wish is a weakness.

Have more effect upon the world than the world has upon you.

Consider every problem as a challenge to the power of your creativity. When the creative solution is found, the problem's contribution to your growth will be appreciated. The result will endure and the problem that stimulated it will be forgotten.

You can have whatever your heart wants most. Indeed, the path to its attainment is already prepared for you. It is your birthright that has created your desire. "Do not spare yourself in the work which you must accomplish."

The Inner Dimension of the Heart

"The heart all its own wounds heals." Speed your healing by touching your heart with the energy of your breath and placing your attention on your heartbeat.
By your daily practice you build a capacity for the same power that operates the universe to emerge within your heart. Twenty minutes of meditation at the time you scheduled is worth two hours of meditation at a time that is convenient.

The two great emotions are surrender, the acceptance of the separation from divinity which gave you individuality, and the glorification of that divinity operating within you and through you. Develop some active ways to evoke surrender and glorification so that both emotions become accessible to you and evident in your personality.

Hold your emotion. Do not let yourself express your emotion in a personal way; that would vent it and deprive you of its power. Hold the emotion until it expresses itself in ways that are beautiful, harmonious and universal. Do not express glee, but hold the emotion until it becomes joy. Do not express anger, but hold it until it becomes powerful enough and hot enough to melt your heart and create freedom in yourself. The objective is to be able to hold the truly great emotions, all at once, and express them as a form of art.
The base of all emotion is peace. Peace provides to every heart whatever emotion it is missing. The best way to experience peace is to radiate it. Practice radiating peace from your heart like a force that brings everything it reaches into harmony and peace.

Realize that you represent something grand. Your dedication will make all the qualities and power of the one you represent available to you in your heart.

Puran Bair
Spacer Puran Blair
Author of "Living from the Heart"

Living from the Heart

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