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Reflections..on Being Human

Spacer May you be strong and healthy
Spacer May you be safe from inner and outer harm
Spacer May you be happy and at peace
Spacer May you dance the merry dance of life with joy
Spacer --Universal Prayer

Spacer Dear Visitor,

Spacer My approach to 'Being Human' was to look at our human condition as a series of losses, but losses balanced by gains.

Spacer Being mindful, we come to understand that our life is an ongoing process of learning. Wisdom is hard to come by. Personal growth requires effort, and dedication, but if we learn to be aware of being alive, we may -during our lifetime- be deserving of Being Human.

Spacer I chose to use quotations throughout -as I couldn't possibly improve on the wisdom of those whose quotations I used.

Spacer Germaine
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