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* This layout is built with tables, if you are not familiar with tables yet, you may go to in order to have yours done, or you may simply copy my page and replace my text by yours. The HTML page is included in a downloadable zip file that contains all the graphics.

Not all the buttons are shown here but they are all in the zip file. I have added a blank one, saved in the Photoshop format, but you will be able to open it in any other graphics program. Once your text is written, save the graphic in the transparent gif format.

* The frame is done with several graphics that are used as the background of the TD cells of a table, that way the layout is expandable and fits all resolutions. You must imperatively put these tags into the BODY line: topmargin="0" marginheight="0" leftmargin="0" marginwidth="0"n otherwise your page won't look nice at all!

Sign View * There is a welcome sign included in the zip file. I provide also a blank graphic for the title in case you would like to have your own title. Once your text is written, save the graphic in the transparent gif format.

* I used the image map feature for the guestbook. All your need to do is to copy the codes and put them where you want your guestbook to be placed. Same think for the navigation bar below.

* Like all the other linkware sets, this one can be used exclusively if you buy it for $70. Once the set is sold, it is removed from my site. The purchase can be done via the secure server Additional buttons may be done for a very affordable fee.

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