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Spacer We were provided with the loom -our existence

Spacer We are given the means

Spacer -the colour and texture of our lives

Spacer Our task is to weave our tapestry

Spacer As the design slowly takes shape

Spacer we begin to see why

Spacer some strands were handed to us..

How they outline and define other strands

that seemed out of place -at the time..

unwanted -often resented

With careful attention, we're able to see

that the unwanted threads had a purpose

Without them, bright areas would tend to be lost

in our overall tapestry

The weaving goes on -a solitary process

Slow -tedious at times

We'd like to move on.. make progress

But past mistakes need unraveling

loose ends -need to be woven in

We learn to pause..attend to imperfections

When the design becomes more apparent

when we can envision our whole tapestry

as it was meant to be..

fingers fairly fly

-in and out of the warp

over and under -tirelessly

Scent of oil -lingering on our hands

texture and colour -delight to the eye

-delight to the touch

We welcome each strand

in acceptance and silence

For it is in the silence of weaving

that we learn to listen

Listening..we begin to hear whispers

The voices of the Masters who have gone before us

Their work -our inspiration

The Master Weavers

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