The Real Meaning of Crucifixion

Spacer The real meaning of crucifixion
Spacer is to crucify the false self
Spacer that the true Self may rise.
Spacer As long as the false self is not crucified,
Spacer the true Self is not realized.

Spacer -Hazrat Inayat Khan

Crucifixion, by Salvador Dali

Commentary by Samuel L. Lewis

The Cross is the symbol of Light. The vertical line is the way by which Light passes from Source to manifestation and also the way by which energy returns from manifestation to Source. This is seen in the breath. The horizontal line is caused by the action between the lower and upper currents and forms the mind-mesh.

The Cross has two forms, one like the letter 'T' in the European languages. This represents the crucifixion of the soul in matter. The energy does not pass above the horozontal line. It strikes it and returns again to the earth-plane. This action is called Karma, and it brings to one the results of all speech, thought and action.

The teaching of all sages was to rise above this Darma. That brought the upper part of the vertical line of the Cross. It is that portion which is the Divine Light. But one cannot carry anything through the close lines of the mind-mesh. Only light will go through. Not only are all passions and sentiments too coarse to pass through and above it to the Buddhic Condition (Nuri Mohammed), but even good thoughts and feelings cannot pass. Nothing can pass but thought and feeling of Unity, which is called Love, and this is the very essence of Soul.

By this the false self is crucified and left behind. What is the false self? It is nothing but the thought of self made into a false reality, a pseudo-sun in the mental world. When one perceives the true Light this sun disappears, or by ignoring this false sun, one perceives the true sun.

This is the higher crucifixion, and in the case of Jesus Christ and Moses and some others, it even caused the disintegration of the physical body, which had been kept together by the thought-form of the personality. When thought became completely immersed in God, even the physical body disintegrated. That is Parinirvana when even matter is spiritualized.

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